Fire Evacuation Techniques

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Employers need to consider how the evacuation of the workplace will be arranged in the light of the risk assessment and the other fire precautions that are in place or need to be in place after such a risk assessment. These arrangements will form an integral part of the overall emergency plan and must be included in the instruction and training for employees as per the Health, Safety and Welfare at Work Act 2005 as well as the Fire Services Act 1981.

Account must be taken  not only of the people in the workplace (employed or otherwise such as builders) who may be able to make their own escape, but also those who may need assistance to escape, e.g. by having adequate staffing levels in premises providing treatment or care.

In most workplaces, the evacuation in case of fire will simply be by means of everyone reacting to the warning signal given when the fire is discovered and making their way out, by the means of escape, to a place of safety away from the workplace. This is known as a ‘simultaneous’ evacuation and will normally be initiated by the sounding of the general alarm over the fire warning system.

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