Fire Extinguisher Training

firefighter using fire ext 300Fire-fighting equipment must be in place for employees to use, without exposing themselves to danger, to extinguish a fire in its early stages. The equipment must be suitable to the risks and appropriate staff will need training and instruction in its proper use.

In small premises, having one or two portable extinguishers may be all that is required.  Signboards or a safety colour (or both) shall be used to mark permanently the location (fire point) and identification of fire-fighting equipment.

In larger or more complex premises, a greater number of portable extinguishers, strategically sited throughout the premises, are likely to be the minimum required. Other means of fighting fire may need to be considered. The employers duties extend to the following;

“section 11.—(1) Without prejudice to the generality of section 8, every employer shall, in preparing and revising as necessary adequate plans and procedures to be followed and measures to be taken in the case of an emergency or serious and imminent danger—
(a) provide the necessary measures to be taken appropriate to the place of work for first aid, fire-fighting and the evacuation of employees and any other individual present in the place of work, taking account of the nature of the work being carried on and the size of the place of work,
(b) arrange any necessary contacts with the appropriate emergency services, in particular with regard to first aid, emergency medical care, rescue work and fire-fighting,
(c) for the purposes of implementing the plans, procedures and measures referred to in this section andsection 8
(i) designate employees who are required to implement those plans, procedures and measures, and
(ii) ensure that the number of those employees, their training and the equipment available to them are adequate, taking into account either or both the size of and specific hazards relating to the place of work.”

Class size: 12Flame Generator

Cost: €500

Duration: half day