Two Year Suspended Prison Sentence for Electrician

A judge (Cork Circuit Criminal Court, November 2013) has given an electrician a two year suspended prison sentence for deliberately looping out  a trip switch on a power washer. The judge putting emphasis on a trip switch being a matter of grave concern, said he would suspend the sentence on condition that he not work as a electrician for five years.

The power washer was constantly tripping out and the electrician tripped out the residual current device (RCD) contrary to section 14 of the 2005 Act, i.e.

“14.—A person shall not intentionally, recklessly or without reasonable cause—
(a) interfere with, misuse or damage anything provided under the relevant statutory provisions or otherwise for securing the safety, health and welfare of persons at work, or

(b) place at risk the safety, health or welfare of persons in connection with work activities.”

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