Evacuation Chair Training Course

Evacuation chair enables a simple, safe and effective method of stairway descent for the disabled and mobility impaired, requiring at least two able-bodied persons to evacuate a person with special needs in an emergency.

Employees need to be trained (people handling) in the use of evacuation chair training, usually fire wardens.

First-Aide Health And Safety Ltd can assist you in meeting your legal requirements with our qualified fire safety instructors as well as qualified manual / people handling instructors.

Contents of course are:

  • Introduction to Abrasive Wheels
  • Health and Safety Legislation, i.e. 2005 Act and 2007-2016 Regulations,
  • Abrasive Wheel types
  • Wheel Storage, Wheel types and markings
  • Examination & testing
  • Abrasive Wheel Selection – Testing and mounting of new wheel(‘s)
  • Inspection, labelling and recording.
  • Course Date: 25th September 2019

  • Course Duration: 2 Days

  • Course Venue: The Shelbourne Hotel

  • Course Fee: €300

  • Participants: 12 Per Instructor

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