Management Health And Safety Training Course

Courses can be bespoke because of the difference in risks from one business to another, for example the training required for a chemical warehousing is totally different to the risks within an office block.

Example of course contents are:

  • Health, Safety and Welfare legislation, 2005 Act, 2007 Regulations,
  • Section 80 and 81 of the 2005 Act, Directors Responsibilities,
  • Safety representatives and their role in safety consultation via the safety committee
  • Communication skills for the management, safety representative and the safety committee, e.g. intranet, e-newsletters, notice boards etc
  • Hazard identification, carrying out risk assessments and appropriate control measures
  • Compilation of the safety statement, management responsibilities
  • Carrying out safety and health inspections, the role of HSA Inspectors
  • Sources of safety and health information, web sites, manuals, books,
  • Risk control and safety and health management using the Hierarchy of Controls etc.
  • Course Date: 25th September 2019

  • Course Duration: 2 Days

  • Course Venue: The Shelbourne Hotel

  • Course Fee: €300

  • Participants: 12 Per Instructor

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